Yellow pages facilitate you to get any kind of information with seconds. If you are new at some place want to know about the best stores in the city then you can easily get the address of desired location with the help of yellow pages. With yellow pages you can easily extract the data from various websites within just one minute. You just have to click the button saying get data and you are done because thousands of results are in front of you and you can easily export the data to excel files.

Yellow Page Spider supports the website changes:

As you notice that internet changes day by day so yellow pages are not an exception because they change the format several times in a year. The team of yellow page spider fixes all the issues from time to time. All the problems are fixed so that you can use this tool without any fear. It is the main difference with companies who provide regular support and maintenance to their customers and who don’t.

If you want to protect your identity then you can use unlimited proxies. There is another common use of this when you want to access internet behind a firewall it is easily done. You can 100% customize your search in the web browser. You must have noticed that other tools don’t allow you to search for advance data which matches your criteria but with this tool you can easily search for advance data matching your priorities. With yellow page spider tools you can do research using all the filters and this application will search every kind of information you want to know.

You can search according to countries as well like UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The software team is work hard to other countries as soon as possible. If you want that your country should be included in the list you can discuss with the team. You can discuss so that our team can you special discount prices.

Once you search for all the data then you should export them in an excel file using the CSV format. With this tool you are also able to remove duplicate results as well.

Free support and update by the team:

You can also check the free resources provided by our team which include free video tutorials, user guide and 24/7 customer support, all this you can get by an email. With this support you will learn everything with no time. Our expert’s team will answer all your questions which would be related to this product. We try to help every customer who wants free support from our staff. This tool is so easy that users learn this tool with 5 minutes. With just 1 click you can update your copy so you don’t need to pay for new versions every time. You will receive standard license covering everything and when a new feature will be added you also get benefit. This yellow page spider comes with lifetime warranty.

You can Scrape Businesses from these sites with yellow pages spider :
http://www.yellowpages.com (United States)
http://www.yellowpages.com.au (Australia)
http://www.yell.com (United Kingdom)
http://www.paginegialle.it (Italy)
http://www.yellowpages-uae.com (Dubai-United Arab Emirates)
http://www.pai.pt (Portugal)
http://en.detelefoongids.nl/yellow-pages.html (Netherlands)
http://www.goldenpages.ie (Ireland)
http://www.yellowpages.com.sg (Singapore)
http://www.paginasamarillas.info.ec (Ecuador)
http://www.yellow-pages.ph (Philippines)
http://www.yellowpages.co.in (India)
http://en.yell.ru (Russia)
http://www.guiamais.com.br (Brazil)
http://yellow.local.ch/en (Switzerland)
http://www.goldenpages.be (Belgium)
http://www.gelbeseiten.de (Germany)
http://www.pagesjaunes.fr (France)
http://wwww.yellow.co.nz (New Zealand)
http://www.yellowpages.ca (Canada)

Do you want to test this tool? Download trial and try with all the main features. You can only scrape 30 business results in trial version and  we also disabled any export function. YellowPagesSpiderUserGuideDownload 

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